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The AS200 Personal Air Sampler is used to assess occupational exposure to gases, vapours and dusts.

These air samplers are designed to be worn by the operator, with the sample head located in the breathing zone. The AS200 Personal Air Sampler is small, lightweight and quiet.


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The AS200 Personal Air Sampler can be used to assess occupational exposure to gases, vapours and dusts.

These air samplers are designed to be worn by the operator, with the sample head located in the breathing zone. The sample should be collected during normal working activity.

The AS200 Personal Air Sampler is small, lightweight and quiet.

It can also be used for static sampling.

How it Works

The AS200 uses a diaphragm vacuum pump to ensure a smooth and reliable air flow. It has automatic electronic flow compensation to overcome the effects of back pressure and to ensure that flow is maintained within ±5% of the desired set point.

The AS200 incorporates an accurate elapsed time module with a LCD display.

The ABS enclosure ensures that the internal components are well protected against moisture, dust and chemical ingress. To reduce weight and improve battery life, we have incorporated nickel metal hydride batteries, which are more environmentally friendly than other types. We offer single- and five-channel battery chargers.

Munro offers a full range of accessories to complement the instrument, including filter holders, filters cyclones, asbestos heads, IOM heads and Arnold bubblers as well as specialised devices to fractionate the particulate. Please contact us for more details.

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240V 50Hz, 110V 50Hz

Certificate of Conformity

Yes, No

Product Specifications

Flow Rate 0.5 to 2.5 L/min stabilised to within ±5%
Maximum Load At 2 L/min – 29.9 mbar
Filter Size 25 mm as standard (not included)
Rechargeable Battery Ni-Mh 3.6V 1.2 Ahr
Average Current 80 to 100 mA
LED Indicator Yellow/Green: Pump Running; Red: Battery Discharged