Air Purification

CosaTron Air Purification Systems can be relied upon to improve indoor air quality. They can be installed as part of an HVAC system in any commercial, industrial or domestic setting to improve the health and comfort of a building’s occupants. Removing particulate matter, as well as any residual odours or irritants, will help increase productivity, reduce facility maintenance costs and keep buildings and equipment clean, dust-free and efficient.

Using proven clean air technology, the CosaTron range accelerates the process of coagulation. This increases particle size, allowing for quick and effective collection and removal.

Unlike competing air purification techniques, CosaTron technology does not ionize the air or generate ozone. It consumes little energy and has no moving parts. This means minimal maintenance.

Various models are available depending on user application. They are suitable for use in airports, metros, animal facilities, libraries, museums, auditoriums, casinos, churches, conference centres, restaurants, medical facilities, industrial control rooms, office buildings and educational facilities. Custom models can be designed if necessary. Please enquire for further details.