We manufacture and supply a range of meteorological sensors and display modules for professional use worldwide.


Our range of air samplers provide an accurate method of determining particulate mass concentration. They are used widely in the nuclear, chemical, construction and agricultural industries.


The Munro Stanley Portable Skid Resistance Tester is an internationally recognised, precision-built instrument used to assess the slip/skid resistance of pedestrian surfaces and roads.

Anaerobic Workstations

The AW-Series of MUNRO’s range of anaerobic workstations. It is ideal for the laboratory where oxygen free conditions are required for the growth and identification of bacteria. Its small bench size makes the AW200SG ideal for the individual research project.

Laboratory Instrument

MRC Labs are the highly skilled designers, inventors and manufacturers of a vast range of laboratory equipment.

Material Testing

Munro Instruments are now suppliers of numerous Material Testing instruments.

Why Munro Instruments?

Munro Instruments manufactures specialist scientific equipment and instrumentation

Since 1864 Munro Instruments has been manufacturing specialist equipment to measure, monitor and record the environment around us.

We operate across three core product lines:

Our equipment is manufactured at our premises in Harlow, United Kingdom, and shipped worldwide.

Now part of the MRC group of companies, we also offer an extensive range of laboratory products. Visit our dedicated laboratory website for more information.

UKAS calibration / TestingUKAS calibration / Testing



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