IM159 Anemometer


The IM159 is a precision-built handheld anemometer made from non-ferrous metal. Wind speed readings are shown on an analogue scale calibrated in knots, metres per second or miles per hour. We use a wind tunnel to calibrate the device and can issue a certificate of conformity.

The IM159 Handheld Anemometer is a mechanical instrument and requires no battery or form of electricity. It is manufactured to British Meteorological Office specifications (ref. 23510) and is ideally suited for use as a contingency device in case automated sensors become unavailable. Its primary application is on offshore helidecks (see CAP 437: Standards for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas).

It is advised that the IM159 is serviced annually to ensure it continues to function optimally and provide accurate readings.

If you would like to receive further information about the IM159 Handheld Anemometer, please get in touch via email ( or phone (+44 (0) 20 8551 7000).

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