All military procedures – whether on land, at sea or in the air – require meticulous planning. Routine observation and forecasting of the weather is vital to ensure operations run smoothly. Troop welfare, ballistics and the navigation of planes and ships are all highly dependent on it. Unforeseen natural events can affect strategic manoeuvres and endanger the lives of personnel.

Munro Instruments offers a range of sensors, masts and tripods. All are highly versatile and can be integrated in any combination to meet the requirements of even the most demanding application. Monitoring stations can be designed for permanent installation – e.g. at a field base or airport – or rapid deployment in the field. The sensors are easy to maintain and communicate data in a way that is quick and easy to understand.

For ultra-quick, safe and accurate measurements of wind speed, the Munro IM159 Handheld Anemometer is perfectly suited to military applications. It is made to British Meteorological Office specifications and has been an industry standard for many years.

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