Dustmatic 2000/2001 Dust Drawer


A dust-suction drawer of optimal quality and design, featuring innumarable advantages & improvements in almost all fields of operation, efficiency, user-friendliness.

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The Dustmatic is an efficient and user-friendly dust suction drawer.

  • Operation is fully automatic: on starting the micromotor, the drawer starts operating; on stopping the micromotor, suction will switch off after 20 seconds.
  • Ergonomic design and construction
  • Beech wood working surface giving it a modern look and allowing for comfortable working.
  • Silent, powerful and maintenance-free low-pressure induction motor.
  • Large, easy-to-change, filter bags (according to international standards).
  • Conveniently-sized drawer which can be fitted under lab workbenches.
  • Low operational costs.
  • Easy to install
  • Requires no special tools or training


  • Dental
  • Earphones manufacturer
  • Artificial Eye manufacturer
  • Archaeology Laboratory
  • Beauty manicure
  • Jewellery manufacturer.


Suction drawer complete with micro-respirable dust filter bag & protective panel.




    MeteorologyEnvironmentalSkid & Slip TestingGeneral

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