IM170-Speed and Direction

IM170 - SD

Manufactured to WMO guidelines. This system consists of a Paperless Recorder, Datalogger and a Sensor for Wind Speed and Direction only.

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The system is manufactured in the UK in accordance with WMO guidelines. This system provides 10 and 2-minute averages, gust/maximum and minimum recordings.

The Paperless Recorder (PR) is a data acquisition unit with a 5.6″ TFT touch screen. Designed for Wind Speed only  The IM170-SD is ideally suited for customers who require Wind speed and Direction data only. The PR is supplied with an HMI Screen, PC software that offers multiple real-time and historical views, as well as numerous archiving strategies to ensure data is never lost.

Please specify your application, sensors required and if a calibration certificate with test results is required when requesting a quotation.



Additional information


Knots, Metres per Second, Miles per Hour

Certificate of Conformity

Yes, No

Product Specifications

Data Logger

Power 90-250VAC or 11-36VDC
Display 5.6″ TFT touch screen
Resolution 640×480 pixel resolution, 65K colour
Internal Memory,


External Memory


256 MB

256 MB


Modbus TCP/IP

Sample Rate

Maths Channels

100ms max



Operating Temp

IP65F, IP20R

0°C to 50° C



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