IM617 Digital Wind Display Unit


The IM617 is designed for use with the IM147 In-Line Cup Anemometer & Wind Direction Vane.


Wind speed and direction values are displayed on two clear LEDs. The display updates every 2 seconds.  Rolling 2-minute and 10-minute averages can also be viewed, and a smaller screen shows maximum and minimum gusts.

Used with a transmitter and receiver modem, wind measurements can be sent wirelessly via UHF radio link. Please indicate if this functionality is required at the time of quotation.

4-20 mA outputs are provided for wind speed and wind direction.

The unit is supplied in a standard 19″ rack mounting case.

Product Specifications

Range 0 – 999 knots, mph or km/h

0 – 99.9 m/s

(scale selectable)


Accuracy ±1 knot (below 40 knots) ±2 knots (above 41 knots)


Resolution 1 knot (or other scale)

Power Supply 115 V or 250 V 50 Hz or 60 Hz
Consumption 250 mA
Overall Dimensions 133 mm (H) x 482 mm (W) x 260 mm (D)
Overall Weight 7.5 kg