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Building on the trusted mechanical design of the standard Munro Stanley Portable Skid Resistance Tester, the Intelligent Pendulum incorporates an OLED digital display and software compatibility to simplify and accelerate the process of data capture.
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Building on the trusted mechanical design of Pendulum Skid Resistance Tester, the Intelligent Pendulum incorporates an OLED digital display and software functionality to simplify and accelerate the process of data capture.


Test results are sent automatically to our proprietary slip resistance software via Bluetooth. This enables users to generate instant reports, with additional fields provided for date, location, operator, temperature, floor description and slider preparation. All data is stored for future recall. Reports are collated in real time during the test, and data is stored automatically. These can be exported as PDF or CSV files. If required, the software can be personalised to include your organisation’s name, colours and logo on the test reports.


The Intelligent Pendulum’s improved functionality offers a number of advantages over that of the standard model:

  1. The OLED digital display removes any element of human uncertainty from the measurement process (eliminating parallax error).
  2. The digital display displays instructions which guide the user through each step of the test procedure.
  3. Data is sent wirelessly between the device and the software and is automatically stored.
  4. Detailed test reports can be generated instantly.
  5. Users have access to all past data.
  6. The time taken to conduct tests and issue reports is significantly reduced.

As with the analogue model, the Intelligent Pendulum is fully compliant with all relevant international standards. The instrument can also be independently certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI). Please specify if BSI certification is required when requesting a quotation.

Flight Case

A specially designed case fitted with stable, multi-directional wheels is also available. This is recommended if the device will be regularly transported from site to site, as it reduces the risk of de-calibration. Please indicate whether a case is required when requesting a quotation.

N.B. If purchased without a case, the instrument will be sent in a fully fitted, foam-filled export carton. This will ensure the instrument arrives in perfect condition, but it is not suitable for regular transportation.


The Intelligent Pendulum is supplied with the following accessories as standard:

  • Perspex Setting Gauge
  • Tools Wallet
  • Thermometer
  • Water Bottle

A full range of accessories are available to purchase separately if required. These include rubber sliders, conditioning & verification surfaces, the aluminium sample holder, spreader feet, the detachable (F) scale and the Base Plate for curved PSV specimens.

How does the Intelligent Pendulum work?

The Intelligent Pendulum operates according to the same principles as the British Pendulum Tester (the Izod principle). This is an industry standard in the measurement of slip resistance. A pendulum of known mass rotates about a vertical spindle. The head of the pendulum is fitted with a rubber slider, which has a specific hardness and resilience. When released from a horizontal position, the pendulum head strikes the sample surface with a constant velocity. The distance the pendulum travels after striking the sample is determined by the level of friction of the sample surface. The Pendulum Test Value (PTV), is proportional to the coefficient of friction (by a factor of 100) and can be read from the digital readout and on the engraved scale.

Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) Report

A recent study by the UK Health & Safety Laboratory found that the Intelligent Pendulum was as reproducible as the non-digital, traditional model. The study also found a number of additional benefits of the Intelligent Pendulum:

  • The risk of parallax error is eliminated because of the digital display;
  • The on-screen instructions and prompts help to ensure correct use of the equipment;
  • Since data is automatically recorded and transmitted via Bluetooth to software, an excellent audit trail is created;
  • The automatic recording of measurements removes the requirement for handwritten results.

A full copy of the report by HSL can be found by clicking the following link:
HSL Report on Intelligent Pendulum


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