Pyrheliometer for Solar Radiation Measurement


Pyrheliometer for Solar Radiation Measurement

Pyrheliometer, c0ncentrated solar power, for direct normal incidence solar radiation measurement


Field of view of 5°:
A pyrheliometer is an instrument designed specifically to measure DNI (Direct Normal Incidence) with a field of view of 5°. This is achieved by the shape of the collimation tube, with precision apertures, & the detector design.
Analog or digital outputs:
CHP1 Pyrheliometer is a pyrheliometer that offers reliability & durability without requiring any power. The analog outputs allow easy connection to virtually any data logger. SHP1 has a Modbus® interface plus amplified analog output, improved response time and temperature corrected measurement data.
Pyrheliometers mounted on sun trackers:
A pyrheliometer needs to be pointed accurately at the sun at all times. MUNRO sun trackers provide a stable mounting to keep the pyrheliometer pointing at the sun to accurately measure DNI.