Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge


The HD2015 is a reliable and sturdy tipping bucket rain gauge constructed from corrosion-resistant materials to guarantee its durability.

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The HD2015 is a reliable and sturdy bucket rain gauge, entirely constructed of corrosion resistant materials to guarantee its durability. With a collection inlet area of 200 cm², operating temperatures between +4 °C and +60 °C.

The number of impulses can be detected and recorded by a data logger such as the HD2013-DB or by a pulse counter.


HD2013.18: Bird dissuader.

HD2015.5K: Anodized aluminium support staff 0.5m above the ground.

HD2013.5K1: Anodized aluminium support staff 1m above ground

HD2013.5K2: Anodized aluminium support staff 2 m above ground

HD2013.64K: Secure the rain gauge on the top of the mast, allowing the rain gauge to be level.

HD2013.75: Base with a tip for the ground to support the rain gauge installed off the ground.

HD2013.78: Flat base for fastening the support of the rain gauge raised above the ground

This product is Manufactured by Delta Ohm



HD2015 Datasheet


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