Wind Sentry Set


The 03002 uses a cup wheel assembly to measure wind speed. Rotation of the cup wheel produces an ac sine wave that is directly proportional to wind speed. The frequency of the ac signal is measured by a data logger pulse count channel, then converted to engineering units (mph, m/s, knots). Our version uses shielded bearings, which lowers the anemometer’s threshold. Wind direction is sensed by a potentiometer. With the precision excitation voltage from the data logger applied to the potentiometer element, the output signal is an analog voltage that is directly proportional to the azimuth angle of the wind direction.


The 03002, measures wind speed and direction with a three-cup anemometer and a wind vane mounted on a small crossarm. It interfaces directly with your MUNRO data loggers, so no signal conditioning is required.

Benefits and Features

• Compatible with most of our data loggers • Designed for continuous, long-term, unattended operation in adverse conditions • Small size, simplicity, & rugged construction provide a quality instrument for a modest price • Ideal for wind profile studies • Compatible with the LLAC4 4-channel • Low-Level AC-Conversion Module, which increases the number of anemometers one data logger can measure • Our version uses shielded bearings, which lowers the anemometer's starting threshold • Compatible with the CWS900-series interfaces, allowing it to be used in a wireless sensor network.




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