Wind Speed Dial


The dial is scaled over 270° and can be calibrated in MPH, KNOTS, M/S or KM/HR.


Built to a British meteorological office specification, the speed indicator is housed in circular moulded bakelite case and a dual positionable flange allows for it to be flush panel or wall-mounting. These dial indicators may be remotely sited, with up to six units incorporated in a circuit. Wind speeds can, therefore, be displayed at key vantage points suck as in the crane cab for the benefit of the operator, at the base of the crane for information before operation and in the office of the safety representative.

The dial is scaled over 270° and can be calibrated in MPH, KNOTS, M/S or KM/HR. a central set screw allows the pointer to be set on zero. The indicator accepts the voltage signal from the anemometer and the voltmeter movement within the case drives the pointer. Calibration is factory set during manufacture. This should not be reset by operators.

Additional information


Knots, Kilometres per hour, Metres per second, Miles per hour


0-180 KNOTS, 0-90 KNOTS, 0- 100 MPH, 0-200 MPH, 0-160 KPH, 0-320 KMH, 0-45 m/s, 0-90 m/s

Product Specifications

Range 0-90 or 0-180 knots 0-100 0r 0-200mph 0-160 or 0-320Km/hr
Accuracy ±1 knot below 40 knots ±2 knots above 41 knots
Resolution 1 knot
Dimensions 113 mm (H) Case diameter: 115 mm, Flange diameter: 158 mm Dial aperture: 111mm
Weight 1.25kg
Fixing details 4 x 4 mm holes On 146 mm PCD


IM124A Datasheet


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