Wind Speed & Direction Sensor


• Wind speed & direction
• Apparent and true wind (with GPS)
• WMO wind averages and gust
• Compass
• GPS (optional) gives height above sea level, latitude and longitude.
GPS (Option):
• Height above sea level m
• MSL pressure
• Sunrise/sunset
• Position of the sun
• Twilight
• Solar Noon
• Wind speed m/s, km/hr, mph, kts, ft/min
• Wind direction
• True/apparent wind
• Angle of Tilt
• Outputs, RS232, 422, 485 (ASCII), SDI-12, NMEA, MODBUS, Analogue (option).


The MUNRO range of compact weather stations is designed and manufactured by MUNRO Instruments. MUNRO products use reliable, high quality instruments to provide accurate meteorological information in a wide variety of applications.


Wind speed and direction measurements are pro-vided via an ultrasonic sensor and the addition of an electronic compass provides apparent wind mea-surements. Average speed and direction together with WMO averages and gust data is also provided. Add GPS (optional) to provide true wind and other features.
• Quality Measurements
• Lightweight and Robust
• Low Power Mode
• Free of Charge Software
• Proven Reliability