Soil Quality

Soil quality can broadly be defined as a measure of the soil’s ability to support plant and animal life, maintain or enhance water/air quality, and support human health and habitation. The indicators required to assess soil quality depend on the way the soil is to be used (e.g. for agriculture, construction etc).

Munro Instruments provides sensors to measure the following soil quality parameters:

  • Electrical Conductivity (EC): Measures the ability of soil water to carry electrical current. This allows users to assess the EC response to salts and fertilisers in the soil.
  • Volumetric Water Content (VWC): Indicates the quantity of water held by the soil. This is achieved through measurement of the dielectric constant of the soil.
  • Soil Temperature: The temperature of the soil plays an important role in agricultural productivity.
  • Soil Water Potential: Indicates the tendency of water, held by the soil, to move.