Solar, Cloud, Lightning

With solar power becoming an increasingly vital component of the world’s energy mix, the need for high-precision solar monitoring equipment is now more important than ever. We supply a broad range of sensors to cover all solar-related applications, including cell research, module development, site selection, performance evaluation and meteorological observation.

Our solar sensor range incorporates the following instrument types:

  • Pyranometer (Secondary Standard, First Class and Second Class): Used to measure Broadband Solar Irradiance.
  • Pyrheliometers: A thermopile sensor used to measure Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI).
  • Spectroradiometers: Used as reference instruments for outdoor spectral irradiance measurements. This is useful for determining the individual properties of a light source at each wavelength.

We also supply a number of different Sun Trackers. Pyranometers and Pyrheliometers can be mounted to a Sun Tracker to enable a broader set of measurements to be taken.

In addition, Munro Instruments actively supports the measurement of a number of other sky parameters through the supply of thunderstorm detection systems and ceilometers.