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Introduction to the Pendulum Tester

Pendulum Feet

The British Pendulum Tester (also known as the Portable Skid Resistance Tester) is used to measure the slip and skid potential of pedestrian surfaces and roads. Originally designed to measure floor slipperiness in government buildings, the instrument was later adopted by the Transport Research Laboratory as a means of assessing road safety. The British Pendulum is now the recognised method of assessing slip resistance and is recommended for use by the UK Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG) and the Health & Safety Group (HSE). It is an essential tool for anyone wishing to minimize the risk of accidents on slippery roads and floor surfaces.

How does the British Pendulum Tester work?

It works by means of a swinging arm (pendulum). A specially designed rubber slider – with a defined hardness, resembling that of a barefoot pedestrian, a shoe sole or car tyre (depending on the test application) – is placed at one end. When released from a horizontal position, the pendulum head strikes the sample surface with a constant velocity, creating the same dynamic uplift characteristics of a slipping foot. The distance travelled by the pendulum after striking the surface is determined by the friction resistance. The Pendulum Test Value (PTV) can be read directly from a clearly engraved scale or, using our latest model, the Intelligent Pendulum, from a clear OLED digital display. The PTV is directly proportional to the coefficient of friction (by a factor of 100).

Our Intelligent Pendulum

As a scientific instrument, the need for accuracy is paramount. All our instruments are carefully calibrated on-site and, if required, sent to the British Standards Institute (BSI) for certification. This provides users with an absolute assurance of accuracy when testing. Detailed instructions manuals are supplied with each instrument, guiding users through the testing process. In addition, our latest model, the Intelligent Pendulum, displays helpful prompts reminding users of correct practice. Training in the use of the machine is also available.

Introduction to the Pendulum Tester