Verifying the Pendulum Tester

The Pendulum Tester should be verified at the start of each day of testing, as well as after re-assembly/transportation. The verification procedure is a very important part of the slip testing process. It demonstrates to you, and all those making use of your results, that the instrument has been correctly set-up and is functioning properly.

Verification is achieved by performing pendulum tests on a set of standard surfaces with known PTVs. These are given in the table below:

TRL(55) Rubber Slider 4S(96) Rubber Slider
Pink Lapping Film N/A 59-64 PTV
Float Glass 5-10 PTV 5-10 PTV
Pavigrés Tile 13-19 PTV 32-36 PTV

If the values given in the table are not obtained during the verification procedure, you must not proceed with testing. The pendulum setup procedure (including slider conditioning) should be re-performed, and rubber sliders checked for defects. If you continue to experience difficulties verifying your instrument, please contact us for further assistance.

NOTE: Pendulum verification should be carried out strictly in accordance with the standard or guideline that you are following. However, where none exist, we suggest the above procedure which is in accordance with UKSRG guidelines.

References & Further Reading

We recommend that all Pendulum users purchase a copy of the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines (see reference below).

UK Slip Resistance Group, The UK Slip Resistance Guidelines, Issue 4.0,UKSRG (2016)

  • Available to purchase here

Please also refer to the specific British or International Standard to which you are testing. Minor variations in the verification procedure are present in some standards.