Anaerobic Workstation-2 Gloves,300 Petri Dishes


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The AW300SG anaerobic workstation is ideal for the laboratory where oxygen free conditions are required
for the growth and identification of bacteria. Its small bench size yet large incubation capacity makes it
perfect for the individual research project. The unit is very economical to operate and works from a single
cylinder of anaerobic mixed gas. The cabinet will incubate 300 Petri dishes and comes complete with
catalyst sachets and plate holders.

-2 Gloves

-300 Petri Dishes

Product Specifications

Incubation Capacity 300 Petri Dishes
Transfer Port Capacity 10 Petri Dishes
Gas Supply Mixed Gas 10% H2 + 10% CO2 +80% N2
Electrical Supply 240V.A.C., 50Hz, 300W
Temperature Range Ambient + 4°C to 42°C
Temperature Stability ±0.5°C @ 37°C
Overall Dimensions W=30” (762mm), D=27” (686mm), H=24” (610mm)


AW300SG Anaerobic Chamber DataSheet


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