Anaerobic Workstations/Chambers

Anaerobic Workstations/Chambers
The AW-Series of MUNRO’s range of anaerobic workstations. It is ideal for the laboratory
where oxygen free conditions are required for the growth and identification of bacteria. Its small bench
size makes the AW200SG ideal for the individual research project.
The unit will incubate 220 petri dishes and has a 10 dish transfer port. The workstation operates from a
single cylinder of anaerobic mixed gas and is very economical on gas usage.
The product comes complete with automatic humidity control, oxygen indicator equipment, internal mains
socket, spotlight, catalyst, plate holders and gauntlets.
It is ready to work once it is plugged into its electricity and gas supplies.

The Munro anaerobic chamber is one of the best solutions
for incubating anaerobes, i.e. bacteria that can live in the
absence of oxygen. Also known as a laboratory glove box, the anaerobic
chamber is designed to improve the culturing and the
identification process for drug discovery and infectious
diseases. Infections caused by anaerobic bacteria can occur
almost anywhere in the human body, including the mouth or
lungs, diabetes related foot infections, infected bites & gangrene.

What are Anaerobic Chambers
Anaerobic chambers are atmospheric control units for use while working with materials sensitive to oxygen or performing general isolation, etc.

Our Features:

Compact Footprint, Space-Saving Design:
Munro Anaerobic Chambers boast a small footprint, offering a space-saving solution for your laboratory table. With limited laboratory space, we understand the importance of maximizing efficiency, and our chambers are specifically engineered to provide just that.

Front-Entry Design:
Experience enhanced ease of use with our front-entry design. The front-opening door simplifies access, allowing you to efficiently manage your experiments without sacrificing precious table space from the side.

Internal Slide Door:
Our chambers feature internal slide door space saving for added convenience. The external door opens sideways, while the internal door is a slide door, optimizing workspace .

Gloveless System:
Say goodbye to cumbersome gloves with our gloveless system. Working inside the chamber becomes a breeze, allowing you to handle your experiments more delicately,comfortably and efficiently.

Catalyst Replacement Every 4 Years:
Our chambers require minimal maintenance, as the catalyst only needs replacement every four years. This ensures free maintainence operations, saving you time and effort for other critical tasks in your lab.

Reliable Oxygen Indication:
Monitor oxygen levels effortlessly with our reliable and simple color-changing solution. This ingenious feature keeps you informed about the chamber’s environment, providing you with peace of mind during your experiments.

Gas-Efficient Smart Two-Gas System:
Our Anaerobic Chambers feature a smart two-gas system of nitrogen and anaerobic gases. This gas-efficient design optimizes gas consumption, making our chambers an economical choice for your laboratory.

Customizable Options:
We offer a range of customizable options to cater to your specific needs. From a HEPA filter for a sterile atmosphere to a digital Oxygen meter, internal incubator -heating or cooling, cooling capabilities for specific applications, and a removable front panel for enter larger devices-our chambers are designed to accommodate your unique requirements.
A front loading one plate entry system is also available, providing a straightforward way to quickly access
individual petri dish into the workstation, Instead of dealing with the main doors.

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