Anaerobic Workstation


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This range of workstations is ideal for the laboratory where oxygen free conditions are required for the
growth and identification of bacteria. The careful configuration gives the units a small bench area yet
ample working room within the incubator. All the models are economic to run and come complete with
catalyst sachets and plate holders and require only electricity and gas supplies to be fully functional.

Product Specifications


Incubation Capacity 500 Petri Dishes
Interlock Capacity 60 Petri Dishes
Plus Single Petri Dish Entry System
Gas Supply Mixed Gas 10% H2 + 10% CO2 +80% N2
Electrical Supply 240V.A.C., 50Hz, 750W
Temperature Range Ambient + 4°C to 42°C
Temperature Stability ±0.5°C @ 37°C
Overall Dimensions W=1473mm, D=667mm, H=700mm