Which Rubber Slider?

To perform a test using a Portable Skid Resistance Tester, a Rubber Slider with a specific hardness, resilience and size must first be fitted to the foot of the pendulum. It is the friction between the rubber slider and the surface being tested that determines the Pendulum Test Value.

This article provides advice on choosing the correct Rubber Slider for your test requirements.

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Choosing the Correct Hardness

The hardness of the Rubber Slider required depends upon the surface to be tested. We supply rubber sliders with three different types of hardness:

  • TRL(55) Rubber Slider: With a nominal hardness of 55±5 IRHD, these rubber sliders are designed to replicate the tyre of a car.  They are therefore normally used to test rough surfaces, used by vehicles, such as roads and motorways.  The TRL(55) Rubber Slider is also used in areas used by barefoot pedestrians such as swimming pools, bathrooms and changing rooms.
  • CEN Rubber Slider: With a nominal hardness of 53 to 65 IRHD, these rubber sliders are also used to test rough surfaces.
  • 4S(96) Rubber Slider: With a nominal hardness of 96±2 IRHD, these rubber sliders are normally used to test smooth surfaces such as internal flooring, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles, and other walkways used by shod pedestrians.

Choosing the Correct Size

Our Rubber Sliders are available in two sizes:

  • Large – Dimensions of 76 mm x 25.4 mm x 6.35 mm
  • Small – Dimensions of 31.75 mm x 25.4 mm x 6.35 mm

Large Rubber Sliders are most commonly required.  They should be used for all testing in which the Detachable Scale is not used.

Small Rubber Sliders should be used in conjunction with the Detachable Scale including for Polished Stone Value (PSV) testing.

Please Note: All Rubber Sliders have a 12 Month Shelf Life. Each Rubber Slider is supplied with a date stamp and a certificate stating the date of expiry. Once a Rubber Slider has expired, it should be discarded and replaced immediately. Rubber Sliders must also be replaced once there is more than 4mm of wear on each side of the rubber.