Air Samplers

Air Samplers

Renowned for their accuracy and reliability, our air samplers are used where the lowest detection limits are required. They have a broad range of applications and are used widely in the nuclear, construction, agricultural and manufacturing industries.Air samples are taken to measure the concentration of harmful airborne contaminants. This is for health-and-safety purposes and to monitor compliance with industry regulations.

Measuring particulate mass concentration is extremely important for health-and-safety purposes and to demonstrate compliance with industry standards.

We manufacture several types of air sampler within this range:

  • L60 Large Volume Air Sampler – Operates with a nominal air flow rate of 60 litres per minute.
  • L100 Large Volume Air Sampler – Operates with a nominal air flow rate of 100 litres per minute.

Air Samplers for environmental monitoring

All of our air samplers work by pulling a set volume of air through an appropriate filter paper for a specified length of time. Analysis of the filter paper provides a measure of the level of pollutant in the atmosphere.

How it Works

The main assembly of each sampler comprises a pump and motor unit. The motor is an induction type fitted with a permanent capacitor.

Protection against overload or stalling is provided by a resettable cut-out trip. A separate fan fitted within the sampler casing cools the pump and motor.

The sampling time can be measured using the inbuilt lapsed-time indicators. These also measure servicing intervals. Airflow rate is indicated by calibrated floating ball flow gauges.

The air inlets, which are protected by a gauze mesh, accept either a local 60 mm filter paper holder, an adaptor for 47 mm filter or a hose adaptor. If an extension hose is connected to the adaptor, the actual sampling point can be located up to 3 metres away from the pump. This enables sampling in high or inaccessible locations.

We also offer comprehensive training workshops on the maintenance, servicing and calibration of Munro Air Samplers. Please contact for more information. Contact us page

How to Configure the L60iF Large Volume Gravimetric Air Sampler

Air Samplers