Compact Data Logger


Compact Data Logger

The CR300 is a low-powered data logger designed to measure sensors, analyze data, and store data and programs. A battery-backed clock assures accurate timekeeping. The on-board, BASIC-like programming language— common to all MUNRO data loggers—supports data processing and analysis routines. The CR300 wiring panel includes a switchable 12 V terminal, and analog grounds dispersed among six analog terminals.

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The CR300 is a multi-purpose, compact measurement and control data logger. This small, low-cost, high-value data logger offers fast communications, low power requirements, built-in USB, and excellent analog input accuracy and resolution. The CR300 can measure most hydrological, meteorological, environmental, and industrial sensors. It concentrates data, makes it available over varied networks, and delivers it using your preferred protocol. It also performs automated on-site or remote decision making for control and M2M communications. The CR300 is ideal for small applications requiring long-term, remote monitoring and control. The CR300 includes Wi-Fi, cellular, or the following radio options for different regions: • CR300-RF407: US and Canada • CR300-RF412: Australia and New Zealand • CR300-RF422: Europe • CR300-RF427: Brazil

Benefits and Features

• Connects directly to a computer’s USB port • Differentiates even slight changes in data values with higher resolutions measurements (24 bit Adc) • Provides simple serial sensor integration and measurement with SDI-12 and/or RS-232 • Supports full PakBus networking • Includes embedded web page for direct connection via web browser.




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