3-AXIS Ulrtasonic Wind Speed & Direction


The MUNRO Model 81000RE Ultrasonic Anemometer is a 3-axls, no-moving parts wind sensor. It is perfectly suited for applications requiring fast response, high resolution and three dimensional wind measurement.


The sensor features durable corrosion resistant ronstruction with 3 opposing pairs of ultrasonic transducers supported by stainless steel members. The transducers are arranged so that measurements are made through a common volume, A fast1 160 Hz internal sampling raite ensites superior measurement resolution. Output rates from 4 to 32 Hz may be selected. Each 81000RE is individually wind, tunnel tested and calibrated to compensate for wind shadow effects of the support structure. Model 81000 features four voltage output channels. Serial RS-232 and RS-485 outputs are available as well. For applications requiring synchronized aria. log measurements, Model 81000V includes four voltage input channels fnstead of voltage outputs. Wind, sonic temperature & volt age input data are transmitted serially. For each model, a variety of preset or custom output format options may be select.ed by ltle user. Both models install on standard 1 inch pipe. Wiring connections are housed in a convenient weatherproof junction box.




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