15 FT S.S. Tripod With Grounding & Guy Kit


The CM115 is a 15-foot instrumentation tripod that supports the attachment of sensors, mounts, solar panels, and environmental enclosures. Constructed from stainless steel, the CM115 is easier to transport to remote locations. The tripod can be deployed in uneven terrain and at varying heights. To facilitate sensor attachment, the tripod mast pivots at the leg junction.

Benefits and Features

• Strong and lightweight • Most joints are locked with pins that are simple to insert and remove • Individually-adjustable legs allow installation over uneven terrain • Includes grounding kit.


The CM115 is used as a portable instrument mount in a variety of applications. For meteorological applications, tripods augmented with mounts support the attachment of sensors such as wind sets, pyranometers, and temperature/relative humidity probes. Barometers, soil temperature and moisture probes, and rain gages are also used with tripod-based weather stations. For non-meteorological applications, tripods can provide a portable instrument mount for enclosures and a mounting point for antennas. UV-resistant cable ties, grounding kit, and six spikes for the tripod feet are included with the CM115. Two duckbill anchor kits are offered for securing the guy wires (see Ordering Information). Duckbill anchors are not required to use the guy-wire kits. Without them, the guy wires are run from the mast to the feet of the tripod. Duckbill anchors are recommended for areas subjected to higher winds. They allow the guy wires to be anchored at points beyond the feet, thereby increasing the rating of the tripod for higher w




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